Climbing Trips

Club trips are planned monthly. Trips are open to all current, dues-paying members. Membership is very cheap, and involves signing a liability waiver.

Trip Etiquette

Here are a few guidelines as to how our trips are conducted. Following these suggestions will help everyone have a great time.

  1. You are responsible for your own safety. We encourage traditional mentoring between experienced and less-experienced club members. This is not the same as qualified instruction from an accredited guide. Use common sense. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then don’t do it!
  2. Be on time. If we announce a rendezvous at 7:00am, that means we intend to depart at 7:00am. Be late and you may be left behind.
  3. Be prepared. Do you have your harness? Shoes? Belay device? Food and water? Toilet kit? Headlamp? Be ready for a full day outdoors.
  4. Plan ahead. When sorting out carpools in the morning, discuss your plans for the day. Need to be back home early? Don’t want to go out to dinner at the usual spot? Bringing your pet porcupine? Gather some like-minded folks to ride with for the day. If you can’t find any, you can always drive yourself. Want to spend half the day projecting that one awesome sport climb? Want to follow some easy trad climbs and learn to clean gear? Find some partners and come up with a plan so everyone can have a productive day.
  5. Participate. Carry a rope. Look up routes to climb in the guidebook. Build top rope anchors. Help take ropes down when people are done with them. Don’t know how to do any of that stuff? Ask someone to teach you! The more you participate, the more fun you’ll have. And bring beer.
  6. Be a steward of the land. Pick up trash, even if it isn’t yours. Stay on trails. Poop responsibly. The places we visit are beautiful. It’s our responsibility to keep them that way.
  7. Share. With large groups it’s easy to unintentionally monopolize an area. Split into smaller teams if you can. When climbing, keep your belongings consolidated and off the trail. Try to keep the noise level down. If another party passes through, be friendly and ask them their plans for the day. They may have driven for hours just to climb that one route you’ve had a top-rope hanging from for the past 3 hours. Make way if you can.
  8. Have fun! Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

Want to go climbing on a weekend not shown below? Send an email to the Atlanta Climbing Club Google Group and see if anyone else wants to go! The email address of the Google group is <[email protected]>, but you have to be a member of the Google Group first (it’s free to join).

2021 Trip Schedule

Date Destination Description
January 9 T-Wall Single-pitch trad
February 6 Foster Falls Sport
March 6 Palisades Park, AL Single-pitch trad
April 10 Obed, TN Single-pitch trad/sport
May 8 Upper Leda, TN Single-pitch trad/sport
June 5 Sunset Park, TN Single-pitch trad
July Summer Break
August 7 Yellow Bluff, AL Single-pitch trad/sport/ top rope
September 4 Sand Rock, AL Single-pitch trad/sport/ top rope
October 2 Red River Gorge, KY Single-pitch trad/sport/ top rope
November 6 Jamestown, AL Single-pitch trad
December 4 TBD