ACC Big Rock Trip Report – Next trip T-Wall on Jan 9th

The December trip was held on yet another perfect day, with lots of warm sunshine to bask in.  With around 14 members, including 2 first timers, showing up at various times in an unfamiliar location we were seldom all in one area at the same time.  Still, we were able to set up several ropes and swap around as it was uncrowded.  Many folks felt the climbs were a bit harder than advertised.

There was an extended after climb gathering with people straggling down from the crag and with most headed directly home with no group dinner for a change.  Overall while we had a good time, the general consensus seemed to be Big Rock was a worthwhile experience, just not an all-time favorite crag.

The Sending Chain goes to Chris Perilla for making Unknown Slab his project for the day, stretching his trad skills and taking his first fall on gear. Falling is integral to climbing so mastering gear placement is a necessity for great climbing.  

If our weather luck continues the next trip will be to Tennessee Wall on 1/9/21, details to come.

Just some of the routes done:

  • Unknown Slab 5.10 T
  • The Underdog 5.9 T
  • Traffic Jam 5.6 S
  • Stellar Slab 5.11 S
  • Flakey 5.8  
  • Sport 1 5.8 S
  • Genesis Wave 5.8 T
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