Sept 12th Trip Report – Lost Wall

On Saturday Sept. 12th the club kicked off the fall climbing season with a trip to Lost Wall. We had 6 climbers head up at 6:00 am and another 8 left at 7:15 am.  We had a good mix of the regulars and newer members.  We luckily avoided rain except for a few drops on the crag shed by an afternoon storm that came within earshot before moving on.  As might be expected it wasn’t the heat but the humidity that made for sweaty climbing.

While there were a couple of other climbers there we had our choice of routes all day.  The early crew already had several climbs done when the later crew arrived, so the later crew followed them down the wall finishing up on Linda’s Corner.  The routes we climbed are listed below.  The most notable leads were Christian and Sam trad leading Yellowjacket (5.7) and Sam also leading Guzzler (5.8).

We wrapped things up in the late afternoon and enjoyed some socializing in the parking lot before many of us headed back to Marietta for dinner at the The Wing Cafe & Tap House. 

We climbed a range of routes, most lead with two top roped for speed of hanging ropes.

  • Booze & Broads 5.9 T
  • Linda’s Corner5.7 T
  • Black Pig 5.8 T
  • Yellow Jacket 5.7 T
  • Guzzler 5.8 T
  • Maybe Not 5.8 T
  • Somalian Hunger 5.10a T
  • Kids Korner 5.6 T [TR’d]
  • Steggo 5.6 T [TR’d]
  • Mega Death5.10a T
  • Hidden Precious 5.9 pg13 T

See you in Oct at Looking Glass!

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