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I would like to partner up with other members on this trip.I have a partner, and we're going to do our own thing. (If you select this option you aren't required to fill out any further information on the form unless you'd like to.)

I am confident leading multi-pitch trad at this grade.

(Confident means you would be comfortable bringing a less-experienced person as a partner, leading all pitches, and handling whatever problems may arise.)

I am confident following multi-pitch trad at this grade.

(Confident means you can competently belay the leader, and then climb the pitch with few falls while cleaning all the gear.)

I can climb a toprope at this grade.

(This is the grade you can climb outdoors with relatively few falls. If you've only ever climbed indoors, expect to climb at least a grade lower your first time outdoors.)

I can safely set up and execute a rappel.

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