March 2018 Trip to Rumbling Bald

The trip to Rumbling Bald was a great success! Many climbers chose to come up Friday to get a head start on the weekend, with a few coming up Saturday and a couple of day-trippers on Sunday. We even had a couple of local guest climbers to round out the trip.


  • Bindal
  • Chuck
  • Denmark
  • Gary
  • Greg
  • Ian
  • Ken
  • Kenny
  • Mark
  • Susan
  • Tim

Gerise didn’t climb, but deserves special mention since she got to Sierra Nevada early on St. Patrick’s Day and got us on the list for a table.

Saturday Climbs

  • 5.8 Crack
  • It’s Good to be King
  • It’s Good to be Queen
  • Family Feud
  • Family Sport
  • Dirty Jugs
  • The Crimp and the Crush
  • Weight and Balance Check
  • Cooter Bug
  • Rusty Redneck
  • 5.9 Sport
  • Comatose
  • Conception

Gary appears to be doing a bit of gardening.

Tim and Ken on Conception

Mark was awarded the Sending Chain on Saturday, for thrashing spectacularly on 5.8 Crack and then proceeding to dominate every difficult climb on top rope.

Mark enjoying the perks of the Sending Chain.

Sunday Climbs

  • I’m Gumbie Damn It
  • The Gift
  • Gift Certificate
  • Drivin’ and Cryin’
  • Bear Cub
  • Bear Hunt
  • Silent Treatment
  • Gunboat Diplomacy
  • Seven Year Itch

Kenny got the chain on Sunday for being both the first climber on the rock at Flakeview that day and the last. He just outlasted the rest of us.

Kenny wins again, becoming the first two-time recipient of the Sending Chain.

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March Trip Postponed

Due to inclement weather, the March Trip has been postponed to March 17/18.

Come join us for our first overnight trip of the year. Meet at the Rumbling Bald parking lot Saturday at 8:00 for a day of climbing, followed by dinner at the nearby Sierra Nevada Brewery in Mills River. Overnight accommodations are on your own. We’ll climb again on Sunday starting at 8:00 as well.

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February 2018 Trip Report

On Sunday February 18th, after postponing our trip one week due to rain, we finally made it to Foster Falls, a sport climbing destination just west of Chattanooga near the town of Jasper.

A few of us (Chuck, Tim, Denmark, Gene, and Jim) met at the Marietta Park N Ride at 0700 to start our trek and amazingly Jim Allison actually showed up on time – 5 minutes early, and had all of his gear.   On the way to the crag, Chuck and Tim stopped and picked up Jen Kemper at the Cracker Barrel at exit 290.

We arrived at Foster Falls about 0900 eastern, where we met Reagan and new members Kenny and Kim in the parking lot.

Once we got down to the cliff line, a lot of the routes were running water due to heavy rain earlier in the week, so the search was on for dry lines.

As a warm-up Tim put up Bear Mountain Picnic. Chuck put up Mammy – really Chuck? You put this up as a warm-up!  Denmark put up Story of My Life (P1).

Around 1000 or so the entire Mekolites clan arrived with new dog and hammock in tow. The only item missing was the boom box. Jeff set a few routes and was the proud papa belaying Evan as he crushed them.

During the gorgeous sunny day the following routes were climbed:

  • Afterburner
  • Ankles Away
  • Bear Mountain Picnic
  • Diamond Cutter
  • Dihedral
  • Fish Eyed Fool
  • Gravity Boots
  • Hola Bitch
  • Narcissism
  • Saturated
  • Standing Room Only
  • Therapist

On Standing Room Only, Tim got served again at the crux, but he’s getting close. Chuck really got served and was caught putting his arm through a draw to rest.

About 1400, Ian and Susan showed up and climbed a few routes before trekking back to the parking lot for cold beverages and a group photo.

So as you’ve been reading this I know you are probably wondering – Who won the Sending Chain? There were a lot of worthy efforts, but the winner was the new guy –Kenny (don’t know his last name, but I was told he owns an animal farm). Kenny was one of the most enthusiastic new members we’ve had in a while, wanting to learn everything. So what happens? Chuck says, “I’ve got a plan, come with me, your gonna lead your first climb.” So off goes Chuck and Kenny and we don’t see them until almost sunset at the parking lot. Rumors were going around that Chuck killed Kenny (you bastard!) We need to get Kenny an orange jacket. So, Chuck and Kenny get back at the parking lot with gigantic smiles and legend has it that Kenny on-sighted his first climb – Afterburner 5.5C and then took the big Whip on Gravity Boots 5.7D. Chuck then talked Kenny into one more climb –Therapist and was taught how to clean a route. So there you have it, Kenny was a shoe-in after putting up with Chuck’s Shenanigans.

After Kenny was awarded the Sending Chain we all met at Mojo Burrito for dinner, and then started our trek home, glad that Chuck didn’t kill Kenny.

Oh, by the way, Jim, nice footwork.

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February 2018 Meeting

Come join us Thursday, March 1st at our new location – The Concourse Athletic Club.

Our presenter is local climber Justin Castleberry, talking about his trip last summer to Chamonix. Justin managed to climb quite a few classics, including the Matterhorn, Grand Capuchin, and Mount Blanc. If you are curious about climbing in the Alps, come join us.

The meeting starts at 7:00 for social time, with the presentation starting around 7:30.

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February Trip Postponed (again)

Due to inclement weather, the February trip has been postponed to Sunday, February 18th.

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February Trip Postponed

Due to inclement weather, the February trip has been postponed to next Saturday, February 17th.

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Yonah Trail Day Video

Visit our Facebook Page to see a video of our Yonah Trail Day 2017.

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2018 Climb Safe Clinic

Scott Perkins is offering a discount to Club members for the 2018 Climb Safe Clinic. He is giving a $10 discount for the clinic, and waiving the $20 camping/dinner fee if you decide to camp.

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February 2018 Meeting

Come join us at our new location, the Concourse Athletic Club, on Thursday, February 8th for our next meeting. Mark “Huck” Huckeba will talk about the upcoming Float the Boat Bouldering Competition and present slides of his Appalachian Trail Thru Hike.

The meeting starts at 7:00 for social time, with business starting around 7:30.

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January 2018 Trip Report

Snow at the base of the waterfall at T-Wall

Saturday we started off the New Year with a trip to Tennessee Wall just north of Chattanooga. Despite a high temperature forecast in the low 30’s that day, four brave souls met at the Marietta park and ride before dawn to begin the drive to Tennessee.  Chuck, Denmark, Jim and Tim were in attendance. When we arrived at the trailhead it was 21 degrees. Luckily we had a nice uphill approach hike to warm things up.

We found the warmest sections of rock we could find and got to the business at hand — climbing! Hands got a bit numb, but the skies were blue and the rock was getting warmer by the minute. We also had our secret weapon: the “alpine sunshine” (hot cocoa with bourbon).

Chuck serving up the alpine sunshine.

Tim starts up Cake Walk

After half an hour or so Gary arrived and joined the group, making us 5 in total. Slowly other groups of climbers started to appear as well, and the sunshine heated the rock to a comfortable temperature.

Gary leads In Pursuit of Excellence

We got a full day of climbing done before finally hiking down just before sunset. Our list of climbs.

  • Sanskrit
  • Dirt Bag
  • In Pursuit of Excellence
  • Finger Locking Good
  • Jay Walker
  • Digital Display
  • Puppy Ride
  • Razor Worm
  • Cake Walk

Jim following In Pursuit of Excellence

Chuck starts up Digital Display

Sharing beers and stories with some strangers we met in the parking lot.

Gary’s new rap album drops next Thursday.

Once back at the parking lot, we opened some frosty beverages and Gary became the inaugural recipient of the Sending Chain. What’s the Sending Chain, you ask? At the end of each day of climbing the club will award the Chain to whoever distinguishes themselves the most in that day’s climbing. You may distinguish yourself by being the most successful, or the least successful, or in some cases maybe both. Whatever the case, know that if you receive the chain… you earned it!

The sun set, and it got real cold real fast. So we headed to Mojo Burrito in Red Bank for some much needed nourishment. After a great dinner we all headed home to thaw out.

The whole gang

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