Welcome 2015

Hello Climbers,

Welcome to the new year, the club board members have now been assigned to their positions.
Here they are:
Club President – Denmark Blount
Past President – Jim Allison
Program Coordinator – Greg Allen
Trip Coordinator – Bindal Shah
Treasurer – Susan Stewart
Trail Day and Access Issues – Kevin Kehm
Communicator – Jennifer Kemper

Just a quick reminder that dues are due, 25 for single person or 40 for family.

The January trip was a good one, some going to good ‘ole T-wall and some to ice climb at Hogpen Gap.

Here is a quick trip report from the T-wall gang:
Meeting at the Marietta park and ride before first light, the temperature was right around 20 degrees. Tim, Chuck and Bindal were all foolish enough to show up, and they headed on toward Chattanooga. Arriving at the trailhead around 9:45, they found Gary waiting for them.

With clear skies and temperatures still in the low 20s, the hike up to the crag seared the lungs but provided some much welcomed body heat. The waterfall was a lovely display of water cascading over icicles, with a huge pile of ice and snow at the base. The rock seemed cold but bearable, and the first climbs of the day confirmed that things were thawing out nicely.

By the end of the second climb the T-Wall magic was in full swing. Jackets were put away as it turned into a beautiful day — punctuated with the occasional sound of ice falling down the cliff. Tim bagged numerous onsight ascents. Bindal logged some time on the sharp end of the rope as well, pink pointing some of Tim’s leads. Gary and Chuck each managed to sneak in an onsight as well. The day’s climbing was a resounding success.

Things started to cool off as the sun got low on the horizon. Everyone packed up and headed back to the cars as the sun went down. Gary headed straight back home, while the rest of the gang returned to the Wing Cafe in Marietta to meet up with Gerise and Jenny. After some hot food and cold beers, everyone headed home for some well-earned sleep.

Routes that were climbed:

Plastic Toys
Multiple Use Area
Prerequisite for Excellence
Standard Deviation
Sunday Gardening
Contents Under Pressure
Shiva’s Last Dance
A Tension Span

Some things to look forward to are: The Feb club meeting; the next club trip (location to be announced later); “Float the Boat” bouldering competition (Feb 28th)…

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