January and February Trip Report

You will recall that the January Atlanta Climbing Club trip was to T-Wall.  About 15 hardy climbers braved the 30% chance of rain and made the drive to Chattanooga, TN.  We were encouraged by no rain and patches of sunlight between Cartersville and Chattanooga.  But on the other side of Chattanooga, the rain started.  Nevertheless, we hiked up to T-Wall and found the rock wet.  Even Art under the big roof had water on its corner crack in places.  We bailed and went to Urban Rocks, the indoor rock climbing gym in Chattanooga.  After several hours everyone was worn out and we went to Lupi’s for pizza and beer before heading home.

    The February Climbing Club trip was to Jamestown, AL.  Again, about 15 hardy climbers braved the cold, wind, and 10% chance of precipitation.  Leaving Atlanta at 7am, it was 43 degrees F but had dropped to 27 degrees by the time we reached Jamestown.  The winds were 20 mph with gusts up to 40 mph that almost pushed the cars off the road.  The farm road was passable with no fallen trees and the hike to the cliff line uphill but short enough.  From left to right, Jim Allison lead Winter’s Respite 5.8 and top-roped Pumpkin Spice 5.10a.  Mark Vonder Meulen top-roped The Great Stumpkin 5.10c after leading Pumpkin Patches 5.9+.  Russ Moore lead Yum Yum Tree 5.7+.  Denmark Blount lead Art Of Darkness 5.9 and set up a top-rope on Animal Farm 5.10.  Gary Latimer lead Truth Or Consequences 5.8.  Mark Vonder Meulen lead Medusa Tree 5.9 after falling on the 5.11 variation over the bulge.  Denmark Blount lead the Wild Iris 5.9 crack under the power lines.  All were anxious for their turn to climb to generate body heat.  Fortunately the cliff sheltered us from most of the wind.  The morning was overcast with occasional breaks in the clouds and occasional light mistings of snow flakes.  The afternoon had more sun than clouds but it cooled off once the sun went behind the mountain.  Sherry and Daniel left early for a concert.  Jonathan and Dan headed for I-59 with plans for Hoserpens on Sunday.  Aaron, Dustin, and Robbie headed for home as Dustin needed to get back to his wife and new baby girl.  The remaining 9 including Danielle, Mark O’Neal, Tim, Frank, … headed for Las Palmas in Rome for Mexican food and beer.  After a great day of climbing and full stomachs, we headed home, with the car Tim was riding in stopping at DQ for a blizzard.

        Denmark Blount 2/12/2012

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