June Trip Report Upper Leda – June 13th

On Saturday June 13th the club ventured out to Upper Leda for our first trip since our March trip.  14 members showing up for an early 6:30 am start, a few even earlier, was a clear indication folks were eager to get back outside. The cooler temps and shade made up for any loss of sleep.

Despite a couple of members taking the “scenic” trail in, we all eventually met up. The early crew already had several climbs done, and the rest of us got busy catching up. We relatively short climbs we were able to get a lot of routes done. The area was surprisingly uncrowded, and we had the place to ourselves for most of the day.

We wrapped things up mid-afternoon as the as the sun really began to broil anyone on the rock. Our post climb socializing was a bit shorter than usual, and most folks chose to head back with their respective carpools rather than go for a big group dinner.

This trip was the last club event for long time members Susan and Ian, as they are headed to Hawaii to try out the “beach life”. Always friendly and helpful, their company will be missed very much. We wish them the best of luck on their new adventure.

  • Some of the routes climbed:
    • University 5.6
    • Cumberland Blues 5.9
    • Speedway Boogie 5.7+
    • Anubis 5.7
    • OX Crack 5.8
    • Future lies Here 5.7
    • Fanfare 5.7+
    • Cracked Actor 5.10a
    • Optimus Prime 5.9+
    • Walk By Me 5.7
    • Oh So Sweet 5.10-
    • Free To Think 5.8
    • Good and Plenty 5.8
    • Margin Walker 5.11-
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