April 2nd ACC Meeting is postponed. April’s Climbing Trip is cancelled

Due to COVID19, the April 2nd ACC Meeting is postponed and the April Climbing Trip is cancelled. 

Please read all three items below.

  1. The April ACC Meeting has been postponed until further notice
    • Our April Meeting was to be a recruitment night at Stone Summit Atlanta on April 2nd.   Most of you have probably seen today’s Stone Summit announcement that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Stone Summit gyms will remain temporarily closed until further notice. 
    • We will continue to watch Stone Summit’s status.  If they re-open in April, we will attempt to re-schedule our April meeting there.
  2. The April Climbing trip is cancelled.
    • It is unlikely the COVID19 situation will improve enough for us to hold our trip in early April, so we are canceling the trip.
  3. We need a replacement Treasurer to replace Denmark. 
    • Denmark plans to move to Las Cruces, New Mexico in late April.  He will be greatly missed.
    • Yes, we would like to hold a farewell event – pending the COVID19 situation.
    • We need a replacement Treasurer to complete the 2020 term.  If you are willing to serve, please email: atlantaclimbingclub@gmail.com.
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