March trip to Foster Falls as good as it gets

The club’s March trip to Foster Falls was about as good as it gets. Mother Nature gave us a much appreciated break from the rain. With abundant sunshine and warm temps, many folks were in short sleeves by noon. Those conditions created excellent traction on the rock and we quickly had several ropes set up.

The group was almost evenly split between veteran and new members. At least 1 climber had their first experience on real rock and some others were testing lead skills. With ample encouragement and beta being sprayed about, all were willing to push themselves. As a bonus, the falls were putting on a thunderous display for all to enjoy.

 Afterwards we gathered in the parking lot to share kudos and stories amongst ourselves and with a friendly park ranger who stopped by. Even the stare of the creepy doll mounted atop a nearby truck couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm. As the sun and temperature began to drop, some headed home while the rest of us made our way to Chattanooga for dinner. Thanks to all for a safe and fun event, we look forward to seeing you next month! Some of the routes we did:

  • Saturated 5.8
  • Supersaturated 5.10d
  • Unnamed 5.8 trad
  • Mammy 5.9
  • Unnamed 5.easy trad
  • Atrophy 5.10b/c
  • Narcissism 5.10b
  • Dihedral 5.9
  • Ankles Away 5.9
  • Milk Duds 5.8
  • Something’s Always Wrong 5.10d
  • Standing Room Only 5.11a
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