February Climbing Trip Report

On Sunday we were finally able to have the February club trip to Currahee Mountain. 7 folks were at the carpool, with another 5 (plus 2 crag dogs) joining us at the mountain.  The road up to the top was bumpy but not a problem. The regular old-timers were outnumbered a bit by new members, and after introductions we quickly set to climbing. Few folks jumped right in on a 10a, while the rest of us eased in with some 5.6s. After about an hour an unexpected light rain shower caught 4 climbers on the wall; instantly raising the grade by at least 1. Thankfully it passed quickly and the temperature stayed warm enough. Despite the clouds, the views were still pretty. Even with a relaxed pace we were able to get in a full day of climbing in both the Slab Area and Brick Wall sections. Around 4 we started up towards the cars to hang out and go over our collective exploits. A couple of local climbers met us in the parking lot and joined the group for dinner in beautiful downtown Clarkesville. Thanks to all attendees for making this another fun and safe trip!

Some of climbs we did:

  • By Gully 5.6
  • All I Wanted Was a Pepsi  5.6
  • Mikey’s Mantle  10a
  • Deprived Child 5.6 pg-13/5.10a
  • Rip Chord
  • Sneaky Snake
  • Fun Size 10a
  • Pigs on the Wing
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