January 2020 Trip Report: Sand Rock, AL

We kicked off the new climbing year with a trip to Sand Rock in AL. It was a cold morning, but thanks to the area’s ability to dry out quickly we didn’t have to deal with wet rock.

There were 15 participants with about an even number of new and veteran members. Both the temperature and climbers had soon warmed up allowing us to get in a full day of climbing.

To accommodate the wide span of climbing abilities on hand a few different areas of the park were visited including Holiday Block, Pinnacle, Sun Wall and the Kurt Russel Wall. Ranging from 5.6-5.10, there were a wide variety of routes tackled. Knob Wall, Loosey Goosey, Cinco de Mayo, Pigs and Zen and White Gold just to name a few.

At least one beginner trad leader tried her new skills out and some other folks were just getting used to real rock rather than plastic.

Everyone gathered in the parking lot afterwards to share the day’s experiences, with some continuing on to the traditional post trip dinner. Overall a very good way to start
a new year of climbing.

Join us at Currrahee Mtn in N.E. GA for next month’s trip.

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