March 2019 Trip – take 2

Looks like the weather has decided to cooperate. This Saturday, March 16, we’re heading to Denny Cove, a  mainly sport climbing destination (although there are a few trad routes) in a new area of South Cumberland State Park.

Please note that the vast majority of the routes are rated at 5.9 and above.  

Denny Cove offers climbers a beautiful southern-facing sandstone cliff line around a mile in length. There are easily over 100 routes currently, with the potential for more in the future.

Please follow all Tennessee State Park rules and regulations during your visit.

The gate closes 30 minutes after sunset CENTRAL time. Please plan accordingly.

Meeting Time

The plan is to meet at the Marietta Park & Ride at 6:30am Eastern Time and arrive at Denny Cove at 8:00am Central Time.

If you have any time constraints as far as getting back, please plan on driving or making arrangements to car pool with like-minded individuals.  It is proper etiquette to offer gas money or buy dinner for whoever drives.  If you have never driven, please offer to drive.   If you do not lead and are only top-roping, please offer to carry a leader’s rope.

Getting There

The entrance to Denny Cove is located about 1.5 miles south of the entrance to Foster Falls on HWY41/150. There is a Foster Falls Volunteer Fire Department building across the street from the entrance..

Once you enter Denny Cove, you will drive on a gravel road for several hundred yards until you come to a “T” intersection.  At this point, take a left on to another gravel road for another several hundred yards until you come to an obvious large gravel parking lot on  your right.  Park here and find the trailhead at the back of end of this lot that crosses the road and heads down into Denny Cove, which will be on your left when approaching from this direction.

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