October Trip to the Obed

The October ACC Climbing Club trip will take place on October 13 and 14 at the Obed and Clear Creek about 45 minutes NW of Knoxville, TN.

The confluence of Clear Creek and the Obed River are home of a series of beautiful sandstone cliff bands and some of the best sport climbing in the Southeast. Just bring a rack of draws, a stick clip (high first bolts are commonplace in these parts), and guns (double entendre intended). The rock here is Cumberland Plateau sandstone, and the sedimentary layering of the rock tends to form huge horizontal roofs, jugs, and slopers. The rock is generally bullet hard and provides good friction. Climbing happens year-round — chase the shade or sun depending on the season.

The ACC will plan on setting up camp at Del & Marti Scruggs’  Lily Pad Campground.  Del lives in the heart of the Obed and has quite a bit of land that he graciously offers to traveling climbers: As you drive into the Obed, after passing Doc Howard Road on the left, Ridge Road drops steeply down to the Lilly Bridge. Just before this drop there is a mailbox and a gravel drive to the right. Turn here and bear left at the fork. Camping rules and the pay kiosk are on the left (the fee is $5 per person, per night). If you make use of this incredible resource please leave the area nicer than you found it and be considerate:  Make sure to bring food/beer/stories to share around the fire on this weekend.

Note: The Lily Pad now has a microbrewery on site call the Hopyard in addition to the Sauced Frog which provides food for purchase.

The plan is to meet at 0700 on Saturday morning at the perma-tarp located in the Lily Pad Camp Ground for a day of climbing.  Please plan your car pool and travel plans accordingly.

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