September 2018 Clinic

The Atlanta Climbing Club is offering a Falling and Commitment Clinic on Saturday, September 8th at Sandrock, AL. This will be taught by Arno Ilgner / Warrior’s Way.

How do you react when you are pumped and doubting your ability to commit? Many climbers lose commitment because they over-think. To stay committed you need to stop at stances and think through the risk. Then you need to make an appropriate risk decision, and commit completely to taking action on that decision. That is the emphasis of this camp.

You’ll learn to:•Become aware of your mind’s limiting tendencies

  • Use your mind’s intelligence to do effective risk-assessment
  • Distinguish between no-fall and yes-fall zones
  • Make appropriate risk decisions
  • Rest efficiently
  • Develop flow and momentum
  • Deal with climbing stress/chaos
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Reduce fear, and more


  • Able to toprope 5.8 in a gym with no falls
  • Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week
  • At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year

The Cost is $85 per person. Currently the class is limited to 6 participants, on a first come, first served basis, by emailing the club at

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