May 2018 Trip Report

The following ACC members met at 0700 at the Marietta Park N Ride for the ride to Castle Rock and a full day of climbing:

  • Tim (Mothy) Lacny
  • Denmark Blount
  • Jim (Twinkle Toes) Allison
  • Alex Palmiter
  • James Martin
  • Lance Mendel

We arrived at the Crag at approximately 0900 and headed straight to the North End since the weather report called for a high in the 80’s.  Arriving at the North End we encountered cool breezes and a lots of shade with no snakes to be seen.

Tim warmed up on Inga La Dinga 5.10b, Denmark warmed up on Easy Enough 5.9, and Alex lead Fragile Holdings at 5.10d with a couple of hangs. Once the ropes were up people either top roped or lead the climbs with most people getting served on Inga La Dinga and Fragile Holdings.

We then head toward Point Buttress (Main Wall) but not before climbing Tall Boy 5.10a which was lead clean by Alex and Inga La Dinga 5.10b/c lead clean by Tim.  Others either top roped or pink pointed the climbs.

As we headed toward the Main Wall we saw a Gigantic Hornets Nest on the left over one of the bolted higher end routes.

Upon arriving at the Main Wall Denmark lead Orange Peel 5.10a, Alex lead Fun Employed 5.10b, and James lead Break Away 5.9+ while others either pink pointed or top roped the routes.

After meeting the old quota (this will be discussed later) of 8 climbs we all headed down to the parking area and drank a few brewskis. Since we got done early we all decided to head to The Wing and Tap House in Marietta for Beer and Food.

Other regulars, Chuck, Kenny, Kim, Gary, and Jake were all AWOL due to previous commitments due to the date change.

So you ask, “Who won the “Sending Chain”?  Well it was Alex.  Alex got on and lead some very difficult climbs for the grade. And, even though he didn’t send all of them clean, he did finished them.  There were some folks whippin’ off stuff – which can get you the chain, but the decision was made to award the chain for true grit and commitment.

Castle Rock Crew

See you next month at Sunset Rock where the new quota rules are in effect (10 pitches).  Who will win the Sending Chain? Are you worthy? What will it take? Come out and enjoy some great climbing, camaraderie, dinner, and brewskis (after climbing of course). To be eligible to win the “Sending Chain” you must be a ACC Member in Good Standing.  What does this mean? Pay your dues.

Until next month, Climb On!!!!!!

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