March 2018 Trip to Rumbling Bald

The trip to Rumbling Bald was a great success! Many climbers chose to come up Friday to get a head start on the weekend, with a few coming up Saturday and a couple of day-trippers on Sunday. We even had a couple of local guest climbers to round out the trip.


  • Bindal
  • Chuck
  • Denmark
  • Gary
  • Greg
  • Ian
  • Ken
  • Kenny
  • Mark
  • Susan
  • Tim

Gerise didn’t climb, but deserves special mention since she got to Sierra Nevada early on St. Patrick’s Day and got us on the list for a table.

Saturday Climbs

  • 5.8 Crack
  • It’s Good to be King
  • It’s Good to be Queen
  • Family Feud
  • Family Sport
  • Dirty Jugs
  • The Crimp and the Crush
  • Weight and Balance Check
  • Cooter Bug
  • Rusty Redneck
  • 5.9 Sport
  • Comatose
  • Conception

Gary appears to be doing a bit of gardening.

Tim and Ken on Conception

Mark was awarded the Sending Chain on Saturday, for thrashing spectacularly on 5.8 Crack and then proceeding to dominate every difficult climb on top rope.

Mark enjoying the perks of the Sending Chain.

Sunday Climbs

  • I’m Gumbie Damn It
  • The Gift
  • Gift Certificate
  • Drivin’ and Cryin’
  • Bear Cub
  • Bear Hunt
  • Silent Treatment
  • Gunboat Diplomacy
  • Seven Year Itch

Kenny got the chain on Sunday for being both the first climber on the rock at Flakeview that day and the last. He just outlasted the rest of us.

Kenny wins again, becoming the first two-time recipient of the Sending Chain.

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