January 2018 Trip Report

Snow at the base of the waterfall at T-Wall

Saturday we started off the New Year with a trip to Tennessee Wall just north of Chattanooga. Despite a high temperature forecast in the low 30’s that day, four brave souls met at the Marietta park and ride before dawn to begin the drive to Tennessee.  Chuck, Denmark, Jim and Tim were in attendance. When we arrived at the trailhead it was 21 degrees. Luckily we had a nice uphill approach hike to warm things up.

We found the warmest sections of rock we could find and got to the business at hand — climbing! Hands got a bit numb, but the skies were blue and the rock was getting warmer by the minute. We also had our secret weapon: the “alpine sunshine” (hot cocoa with bourbon).

Chuck serving up the alpine sunshine.

Tim starts up Cake Walk

After half an hour or so Gary arrived and joined the group, making us 5 in total. Slowly other groups of climbers started to appear as well, and the sunshine heated the rock to a comfortable temperature.

Gary leads In Pursuit of Excellence

We got a full day of climbing done before finally hiking down just before sunset. Our list of climbs.

  • Sanskrit
  • Dirt Bag
  • In Pursuit of Excellence
  • Finger Locking Good
  • Jay Walker
  • Digital Display
  • Puppy Ride
  • Razor Worm
  • Cake Walk

Jim following In Pursuit of Excellence

Chuck starts up Digital Display

Sharing beers and stories with some strangers we met in the parking lot.

Gary’s new rap album drops next Thursday.

Once back at the parking lot, we opened some frosty beverages and Gary became the inaugural recipient of the Sending Chain. What’s the Sending Chain, you ask? At the end of each day of climbing the club will award the Chain to whoever distinguishes themselves the most in that day’s climbing. You may distinguish yourself by being the most successful, or the least successful, or in some cases maybe both. Whatever the case, know that if you receive the chain… you earned it!

The sun set, and it got real cold real fast. So we headed to Mojo Burrito in Red Bank for some much needed nourishment. After a great dinner we all headed home to thaw out.

The whole gang

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